Exploring the philosophies and goals of an artist.

"Your film is truley inspirational ..."-‪Joyce S., Artist, Marin 

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Film maker, Tylor Norwood, produced two videos about Jim Ringseis, his work, his inspirations and his philosophy as the successful owner of Ringseis Designs. 'Naples Yellow' focuses on three local artists, Jim Ringseis and two others. “Framed', although similar, is an eleven-minute film about his discovering satisfaction and fulfillment through his work. The film explores the philosophies and goals of Ringseis, an artist who has found success in a way that some may find idealistic and unobtainable. In addition to the age-old wisdom "do what you love," this story talks about loving what you do, taking pride in your work and appreciating that the process can lead to a sense of accomplishment that otherwise may be hard to achieve.

"Tylor Norwood has created an inspirational and moving portrait of my father, a man who I continually look up to and learn from. He began picture framing at 16 years old and has managed tostay excited and passionate about the art form. Beginning inSan Francisco's Sunset District, Jim now runs a successful and well respected gallery in Fairfax, CA."

 -‪Michael Ringseis, San Francisco


"So excited to see this film! ‪Jim Ringseis is a wonderful, genuine person and a fabulous framer and designer -a true craftsman!" -Marsha S, Marin

"Loved it!" -‪Jennifer K 

"Phenomenal film" -‪David S